Kulyk Lake North - Rare Earth Elements

Targeting a Critical Rare Earth project with world-class grades


  • Kulyk Lake High-Grade Samples include:
    • 56.18% TREO, including 12.49% CREO in historic grab sample including 9.61% Neodymium Oxide (Nd2O3), and 1,194 ppm Dysprosium Oxide (Dy2O3)
    • 45.10% TREO, including 10.08% CREO in historic 0.6m trench sample including 7.64% Neodymium Oxide (Nd2O3), and 1,114 ppm Dysprosium Oxide (Dy2O3)
  • Airborne Survey indicates extensive Thorium - REE Zone
  • Focus on Neodymium and Dysprosium which are critical elements for permanent magnets
  • Saskatchewan is developing Canada‚Äôs first Rare Earth Processing Facility at the Saskatchewan Research Council.


The Kulyk Lake North Rare Earth Project is located approximately 165 kilometres north of La Ronge, Saskatchewan and 65 km south of the Key Lake Uranium Mine.

Searchlight claims equal 317.1 sq km



The focus is on four critical Rare Earths, Dysprosium (Dy2Oassay), Neodymium (Nd2O3 assay), Praseodymium (Pr6O11 assay) and Terbium (Tb4O7 assay).

Selected assays from 2009 and 2010:

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